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Started in 1961 with the collection of rags, the DJ Group has transformed itself from a traditional small family owned business to one of the key players in the market of industrial wiping rags and hygienic products. Out of her main office in Rotterdam Botlek, a sales office in Germany and different production units, the DJ Group distributes her products to more than 40 countries around the world.


The product range of the DJ Group can be divided in two main categories;

- Industrial cleaning products
- Hygienic products


Industrial cleaning products
The DJ Group sells the right wiper for every chore; from lint free and scratch free wiping in labs till heavy duty cleaning in machine rooms. Besides the paper, textile and non woven wipers you will find a broad range of oil absorbents, gloves and industrial soaps especially designed for use in industrial areas.


The production of the textile wiping rags is completely in the hands of the DJ Group.
This way the quality of the wiper is controlled from rags till finished product.
Also the production of the paper and non woven wipers is mostly done in house.
Around the world mother rolls are purchased and converted on state of the art production lines.


Hygienic products:
The range of hygienic products is just as broad as the industrial product line.
Are you a supplier to the cleaning market, horeca, medical sector, automotive or do you service toilet areas in general, the DJ Group delivers you with a broad choice in paper, dustbins, soap, air fresheners, sanitizers, dispensers, insect traps and baby care products.


DJ Group is a distributor for Sontara® products in the Benelux. DJ Group sells the Sontara® line of high quality wipers that are designed with the latest technologies. They offer exceptionally cleaning solutions for all major industries such as aviation, automotive, food industry, printing industry, laboratories and a wide range of production industries. (Sontara® is a registered trademark of Jacob Holm & Sons AG) .


Vectair Systems is an English based producer of innovative away from home washroom products. As an exclusive distributor in the Benelux of Vectair Systems the DJ Group can supply the total range of Vectair products; dustbins (Waste care), ladies bins and accessories (Fem care), air fresheners (Airoma, V-Air, Omniscent), air cleaning (Prozone), soap dispenser systems (Sanitex), toilet sanitizers (Safe seat, Quadrasan), insect traps(V-tac) and Baby care products (Baby minder).


DJ Group; the World behind wiping:
The DJ Group has the know how to bring a solution to all your hygiene questions. We are a young and dynamic company with a hand on mentality. You can expect great service and rapid performance from us.

  • Complete program
    of wipers, paper and non wovens
  • Most of the production done in house
  • Branding and private labeling possible
  • Experience since 1961
  • Delivery within a few days
  • Ecolabel products available
  • Alternative refills
    for most common dispenser systems
  • Fixed contactperson
  • 98% of the products in stock
  • Excellent value for money
  • Dealer of Vectair washroom products
  • Dealer of DuPont de Nemours Sontara products
We have moved to a new location: Nieuwesluisweg 190, 3197 KV Botlek Rotterdam. Our email and Telephone is unchanged.
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Tel. +31 (10) 435 64 44
Fax +31 (10) 435 97 80