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Air Fresheners

A scent determines if we think an area is fresh and if we are comfortable to use it. Air fresheners are not an excessive luxury, but a smart and simple solution for areas of all sizes where bad odors can occur;
-Refresh the air with the V-Air or Airoma air freshening system and their many fresh refills.
-Or use a powerful spray to quickly refresh the air in a toilet or a hotel room.
-For a constant odor control use the Omniscent; ideal for large areas. 
-The Prozone unit does not only masks bad odors, but breaks them down with the help of self produced ozone.

  • Airoma Air Freshener Dispenser
  • Airoma Refills 270ml
  • Airoma Refills 100ml
  • Airoma Luxury Refills 100ml
  • Airoma Burst
  • Prozone
  • Omniscent
  • V-Air
  • Folders & datasheets
    • Complete program
      of wipers, paper and non wovens
    • Most of the production done in house
    • Branding and private labeling possible
    • Experience since 1961
    • Delivery within a few days
    • Ecolabel products available
    • Alternative refills
      for most common dispenser systems
    • Fixed contactperson
    • 98% of the products in stock
    • Excellent value for money
    • Dealer of Vectair washroom products
    • Dealer of DuPont de Nemours Sontara products
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