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In nature ozone is being produced by interaction between high energy discharge of lightning and oxygen in the atmosphere. The Prozone simulates this natural proces. The ozone which it produces destroys all micro-organism on contact and breaks down malodors. It neutralizes the air and because of its gas shape it penetrates even the smallest locations. This entire proces leaves no chemical residu and all ‘on used’ ozone will transform back to oxygen. Properties: suitable for areas upto 100m3, destroys unpleasant odors , reduces the growth of bacteria, kills bacteria and virusses and micro-organism, simple installation and easy to use, suitable for fixed or portable applications.
  • Complete program
    of wipers, paper and non wovens
  • Most of the production done in house
  • Branding and private labeling possible
  • Experience since 1961
  • Delivery within a few days
  • Ecolabel products available
  • Alternative refills
    for most common dispenser systems
  • Fixed contactperson
  • 98% of the products in stock
  • Excellent value for money
  • Dealer of Vectair washroom products
  • Dealer of DuPont de Nemours Sontara products
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