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Oil Absorbents

Without oil nothing moves nowadays in the industrial sector. Oil is one of de most important sources of energy and also raw material for many modern materials. Anytime oil is stored, transported or processed there is always a potential hazard for spilling. To clean up oil spills in an environmentally friendly and cost effective way, we present you the DJ Sorb line; a range of oil absorbents and oil spill kits for cleaning up oil spills from the water, under machines or of the floor.


  • DJ Sorb Oil-Only
  • DJ Sorb Universal
  • DJ Sorb Oil Spill Response Kit
  • DJ Sorb Truck Pack Oil-Only
  • DJ Sorb Drainblockers
  • Absorbents Grit
    • Complete program
      of wipers, paper and non wovens
    • Most of the production done in house
    • Branding and private labeling possible
    • Experience since 1961
    • Delivery within a few days
    • Ecolabel products available
    • Alternative refills
      for most common dispenser systems
    • Fixed contactperson
    • 98% of the products in stock
    • Excellent value for money
    • Dealer of Vectair washroom products
    • Dealer of DuPont de Nemours Sontara products
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